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South African Knght’s v West Select Match @ Newlands (Jan 2013)

KnightsSorry for this late report on the South African Knights match v the West Select recently.

The match was played at Newlands and first up for the West was Mark Ford (Newlands) at No.2 v Craig Stephens. The 1st was a real game of two halves with Craig up 9-4 and Mark performing miracles to come back and force a tie break at 10-10. Mark then had another game ball against him (the 5th one) at 11-10, but eventually won 13-11. I was amazed at the come-back and the quality of squash Mark played against a player who looked very useful indeed.

To read more and see pics (of a guy in a Union Jack dress!) click ‘read more’ below

Craig got to 9-4 in the 2nd as well, but this time didn’t let Mark back in and win this 11-6. The quality of the match was high from start to finish, but with Craig winning the last two games as well (11-7  11-7) it was first blood to the Knights.

On the adjacent court Stuart George (Giffnock) was playing Mick Gouweloos. I didn’t see this as I was marking, but every time I popped over for a peek, all I saw was two guys flying about the court at a ridiculous velocity. Stu looked to be playing really well and won every point I saw, so I was surprised to hear that after being 1-1 in games he eventually lost 3-1. Brilliant effort though and everyone who watched told me how good the squash was.

Next on was Owen Hadden (Giffnock) v Esjee Robinson. Mark F and I were watching this and commenting on the fact that Owen’s unusual game is always worth a 1 game’s lead, and today was no different, as a confused looking South African was wondering what was going on! 11-7 to Owen. The 2nd was also 11-7 to Owen, but Esjee was starting to get to grips with the top-spun shots and unusual angles. The 3rd game saw Owen tire and when he lost it 12-10 it looked like the Knights may take the match on this tie. But Owen was fighting back in the 4th and put in a great performance to win the game 11-7 and the match 3-1.

Kenny Boyle was on soon after at No.5 v Francois Cloete. Kenny was dominant in the first two games and won them both easily 11-5  11-4, but Francois made a great come back in the 3rd to take it to a tie break. Could Kenny dig in and win 3-0, thus squaring the match up and taking it to a 3-2 result? Of course he could 12-10 to Kenny!

On at the same time was Jamie Henderson (Western) v Nell Van Der Merwe at No.1. The Knights had awarded Nell 1st prize in their daily competition of “Stupidest tour player of the day” and Nell’s his penance was having to knock up in the Union Jack dress (pictured). Funny! IMG-20130108-00153

Anyway down to the match and I think Jamie must have been put off by the dress as he lost the 1st 11-8, but came storming back to win the 2nd 16-14 in a great battle of wills. The 3 rd was where the whole match was decided for me, as at 15-15 the winner was surely going to take the momentum and confidence into the rest of the match. Unfortunately, for us, Jamie lost this 15-17 and was looking tired in the 4th as Nell finished him off 11-8.

So a great match which the Knights won 3-2, but they did say it was one of their best matches and that our 4 & 5 were the toughest they’d come up against.

We all retired to the bar for the traditional Newlands pizza and tried to explain the in’s and out’s of Bravehart (the Knight’s new favourite film). We also had a good look through the Knight’s tour book that goes back to 2000 (there is also an older book going back to the 1970’s – which unfortunately stays in South Africa – now that would be interesting!).

Thanks to all who came and supported the lads and to Newlands for hosting the match.

IMG-20130108-00154 IMG-20130108-00155 IMG-20130108-00159

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  1. January 23, 2013 at 8:57 am

    Classic forfeit – wear a Spice Girls dress & boob tube!
    Classic put down for Jamie in future – beaten by a girls blouse 😉

    • January 23, 2013 at 9:04 am

      Unfortunately he only wore it in the knock-up, so Jamie only lost the knockup to a Spice Girl!

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