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DLWE v Giffnock 3 – Home (Match Report) 10th Oct 2012

My DLWE home debut tonight and Giffnock 3 came calling.

Ben (Mazzucco) was first on court again this week at No.5 and he demolished his opponent. The first two games weren’t even close, but inevitably a lack of concentration in the 3rd meant he had to scramble his was across the 3-0 winning line, with slides and desperate lunges; thankfully no splits and so no injuries caused. However cross the finishing line he did and I (of course) put the 3-0 win down fully to the new Harrow Syncro rackets he used tonight! I think he played Ewan Wallace, but it’s difficult to tell as I never saw Ewan after that. Good performance Ben!

Next up was Captain Cantlay & David (Craig) going on at the same time and I marked David’s game at No.4 against Mark Lesley. David’s warm up consisted of holding a Costa Coffee takeaway cup. An empty one?!?!? This may have had something to do with the fact that he looked like a plank of wood in the 1st game.

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Mark was immediately on the pace and David was bending and stretching about the court like he’d just fallen out of bed, so no massive surprise to report that he lost the 1st game. Still he needed to get a better length as well and his retrieval shots needed to go deeper. The 2nd saw him come out of the traps like a cheetah and took a great lead and although Mark came back at him it was enough of a lead to take the game. Again length was the crucial factor to taking hold of the game and David was starting to get to grips with this he won the 3rd and was about 10-2 up in the 4th. Mark made a great comeback at this point and at one point it was 12-11. However David realised, just in the nic of time, that if he didn’t get the ball to the back before attacking it was going to go to a 5th game. So he dug deep and did exactly that to win the match 3-1.

Rich was on the other court at No.3 against Stuart Pitt. He was telling us this was a warm up for his 6 day Tartan Army trip and if this match was a game of football it was a real game of 2 halves – and fortunately I missed the first half! Richard was getting tanked in the 1st and I heard that the advise was to keep it off Stuart’s volley, but the second also went to Stuart although it was much tighter. The 3rd saw a bit of a transformation with Richard getting well ahead early on and then keeping the match pressure on to take that game. I started watching during the 4th game and it looked like a great battle Rich was concentrating really well and was prepared to keep the rally going for as long as it took; Stuart was retrieving like the rubber-man from Marvels ‘Fantastic Four’ comic. Some of the stretching was great to watch and it reminded me of when I was 16 and could do the same (actually that’s a lie – I could never do that! And I was never 16 either!?!). Anyway concentration won over elasticity and so to the 5th! It was more of the same in the 5th – Rich got a great start and Stuart was tiring. Volleying (a bit) also helped Richard take the 5th and so a great comeback at a 3-2 win.

Sean (Norris) went on next against Noel Woods at No.2. This was never going to be a long game as Noel is all about finishing the rally of in as few shots as possible. So the question tonight was ‘Could Sean stay in the rally long enough for Noel to go for too much and make a mistake or could Noel hit a blinding winner?’

The games were all tight, but Sean didn’t let Noel get into a dangerous position. He always made sure he was ahead at the crucial times and so although the scores were close Sean managed to win 3-0.

I was on last against Caron Lawrie at No.1. Now Caron has been capped for Scotland in the past so you take her lightly at your peril. She put the 1st two rallies away easily and if this wasn’t warning enough then her dangerous serves and great volleys had me nervous (not to mention her off-putting uniform!). So I had to use a few of my own physical attributes to counter the onslaught; unfortunately being tall was all I had, fortunately ‘reach’ isn’t a bad thing at squash. So I reached forward to scrape shots back, reached up to counter her lobs and kept her off the ‘T’ by volleying and keeping her to the back. All this and a good old boom to the back and I was generally in charge of the match. I won the tie 3-0 and was relieved that it didn’t come down to a game of skill – as I would have lost!

MOTM for us Rich and for them I’d say Stu.

So another good win for the team and just when I thought I’d got away from baked potatoes every week guess what was for dinner! Still I did go to the pub for a pint after the entertainment. with Si from the 4ths for more banter! Noel said he was going home to drink a bottle of Jack (presumably to expunge the memory of losing to Sean!! Fair enough I’d say!)

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