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DLWE v Newlands 3 – Away (Match Report) 26th Sept 2012

Wednesday 26th September 2012 – 1st Team

1st game of the season! Fabulous! And at Newlands where there were 40 players and a great atmosphere.

Newlands 3rd team were our opponents and first up was our very own Captain Cantlay v John Rae. John had his intimidating Scotland t-shirt on, but Rich must have just though he was just one of the Tartan Army as he tried to start a sing along and buy him a pint!

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Richard was obviously still in Tour mode in the 1st game as he lost it. John was volleying well and Rich appeared happy to give him plenty of practice on this shot; the first game came and went. But the 2nd saw a completely different Richard. He started boasting well on the backhand and sending his opponent the wrong way at the front of the court. It was soon all even and if Rich (who naively tried to pull out of the team match on Monday, without success, as I told him a hamstring tear didn’t warrant a good enough excuse on a Monday; or after!) kept to the same plan he was going to start looking more and more in control. He did just that for the next two games and came off the court with a well deserved 3-1 victory at No.3 (hamstring tear my ass!).

Next up was Ben (Mazzucco) on at No.5 against Andrew Morris. Great performance this week from Ben with a solid performance. He dominated the match from start to finish with a good length that was struck crisply. He followed this up with some tricky front court play and Andrew was always on the back foot. Great to watch and I look forward to seeing him improve every week and maybe challenge his way up the team (if he’d only stop over stretching. I wince every time he goes into another injury inducing splits).

David Craig was on next at No.4 and what a tussle this turned out to be. He was against David ‘the glove’ Simpson and was having a torrid time of it in the 1st game. He lost this one, but if he could slow it down and get a better length he would be in with a great shout. Richard and I were stunned to see David use a drop shot in the 1st game, as Richard said he’d never seen Dave get the drop-shot out before November. “He may regret using that up, by the business end of the season.” remarked Rich.

Well needless to say it went to 5 (I have a suspicion I may be saying this a lot with David!) AND David coming back from 9-14 to win the 4th game (?!?!?!).

The crowd were enthralled and David C was giving it everything. Unfortunately David ‘the glove’ hit a purple patch in the middle of the 5th game and took a big lead at around 12-9. David fought back and even had a match ball…………..with the whole front wall to aim at………………all 15 feet of it…………except the 19 inch tin bit. Guess what he hit!

After that it just wasn’t to be and Newlands Dave piped our own David Lloyd David 3-2 (still a good 2 points though). MOTM to their David I’d say.

Sean (Norris) went on next against the fastest man in the world. It was like watching Usain Bolt on steroids. Still just as well this Usain (Brendan) was quite inexperienced as in a few years he’ll be a very good player. Sean was getting a little frustrated in the 1st and kept pumpin’ the ball to the back, but as soon as he opened up the court, playing drops to the front left especially, he began to take control. It was a good performance by Sean who could have easily got drawn into a hit-a-thon, but kept the pressure on Brendan to win 3-0

I was on last against Mic Cockburn (you do pronounce the ‘C’ ‘K’!) who is a superb player (thanks for the bribe Erdingers Mic!). He has recently returned from Oz where his game has obviously benefited from picking up heart, courage and a brain (all he needs is the ruby squash shoes now!). He was playing some great shots tonight from all over the court; volleying my backhand cross-court away, the big booming forehand and some good tight drops. However I was also playing well and I thought I volleyed particularly well on the backhand to keep the pressure on throughout the game. We were very close in all 3 games up to around 10 points (in fact I was down in 2 games), but I seemed to get a good run around this time to take each game (it’s a long way up to 15 isn’t it!) but I had to straighten up my game and concentrate to do it. Still I sneaked home 3-0 and was glad to cross the finishing line.

Pizza for dinner and there was actually some left when I got there (must be coz it was veggie!). All washed down with the aforementioned Erdinger. Altogether it was another great Wednesday night and some good chat to boot (except from Sean! Who tried to nick my pizza – unsuccessfully!). A nice bunch the Newlands 3 lads and I look forward to the return (where Mic owes me a lift home!).

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