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West Squash Knockout Cup Final ‘A’ Event – DLWE 1 v Newlands 1

Well, well, well! If you’d have told me THAT was going to be the result before the match, I’d have bitten your arm off.

We were up against the West 1st Division Champions and quite frankly expecting to get a humping. The format for the Final of the ‘Knockout Cup’ is to play 3 games – up to 15 – with a 4 man team (so if the match is a 2-2 draw every game counts and it goes to count-back.

First up was Rich (Cantlay) at No.3 and he was up against a very good player in Paul Sweeney.

Their styles were similar and Rich was contesting every game; he was right in the 1st game at 6-6 and the 2nd at 9-9, but on both occasions Paul got a few good points and a few cheap ones to pull away at the right times to win the first two 15-9 15-11. The 3rd was even closer at 15-12, but once again Paul was just too strong at the right times and despite me trying to buy a very tired looking Richard some breathing space with the old ‘towelling the court floor’ trick, it wasn’t to be and Newlands won the first tie and went 3 points to 0 up.

Doug (Macmillan) was up next and he was at No.2 against my old sparring partner Malky Watt. Malky is still very fit and gets every ball back and tonight was no exception. Doug moved well and playing some good squash, but Malky just had too much experience for him. It’s a real learning curve playing people the quality of Malky and hopefully Doug will have learned a lot from this one, but unfortunately Malky was just too relentless and Doug wasn’t able to move and attack him enough. Malky won the tie 3-0.

I went on next against Mark Ford at No.1 and obviously had no chance of beating him. But hold on I remember winning a few cheap points during our last match on the old lob serve trick; I remembered to start doing it just in time. However if I didn’t get it just right then the ball just got slammed into the nic. Fortunately I got it more right than wrong and with a few cheap points (lob serve – average return – really go for it & strangle a winning point!) and I was not just in it, but eventually serving for the game. Another great serve and quick volley and wow I’ve got a game. Well I didn’t expect that in a final of the K.O. Cup competition.

Mark took no prisoners in the 2nd game and stormed it. But even when he was well up, and really out of sight, I still managed to pull the game back to a reasonable score, even though I eventually lost the game (about 10-15).

I started off the 3rd game tired, but still driving really well, retrieving really well (for me) and taking some great opportunities; as Mark and I were locked at around 6-6. Unfortunately he got a good run of point at this juncture and it looked like the inevitable was about to happen; I was just glad of sneaking the 1st game.

But wait! A few great lob serves and volleys later and I was within sniffing distance; a few more and I was not just in it, but somehow serving for the game! And the match!! Lob serve – average return – drop shot…………where is he……..???? 1st bounce…… 2nd bounce……What just happened? I’ve won the match! OMG!

Is this the best result I’ve ever had? Well if not then it’s not too far off (I’m never playing Mark again!)

Last up was Sean (Norris) with a bit of a bad back, against John Bannister who is still getting back into full fitness from knee problems. John told me (true story) that he’d recently had a full physical check up, with the full set of tests done. The specialist told him that there was good news and bad news (I know this sounds like a joke, but according to John it really happened!). The specialist said the good news is that you have the fitness of a 25-year-old. The bad news is that it’s a 25-year-old Scotsman (and apparently gave him a dead-pan look when he said it!).

Anyway (now that I’ve just pissed of everyone reading this!) Sean was out of the traps like a whippet. He went 6-3 up and must have had at least 7 strokes awarded to him during this time (?). It was a good contest, but Sean was looking like he was in charge. I know! In charge of what I hear you ask!!

Still 1-0 to Sean and the 2nd game was not too different to the first. Sean tried to throw away a 12-8 lead, but at 12-12 managed to pull himself together and get the few vital points to just get across the line.

Now this can be a funny old competition as you think you’re 2-0 up in the tie and so it’s all too easy to mentally relax and lose the 3rd. But not a bit of it from Sean. In fact he was 9-1 up at one point. He crossed the finishing line in style (around 15-6) and when we looked at the results it was all square in the matches! So a count-back was required. Well if you’ve been listening carefully you’ll know Newlands won the match on count-back 7-5; but I think DLWE can take a lot of pride in not only getting to the final, but taking the champions to the wire.

Congratulations to Newlands on the win, but really well-played DLWE as well. I’m looking forward to the season now!

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    September 20, 2012 at 9:28 am

    Stopped grinning yet??

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