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Results for ‘Racketball Around Scotland’ Match Day 2 @ Dalgety Bay July 2012

Please click here if you want to see the results for the Dalgety Bay ‘Racketball Around Scotland’ Tournament.

It was another great turnout and tournament with 29 players.

Division 1 had the largest draw with 13 players from all over the central belt (including Big Peat himself!)

And Division 2 introduced a further 8 players to the fun of racketball (most of whom had only played the sport a couple of times).

Thanks again to Big Peat for being our main match day sponsor (and also to Cameron Trophies and J.Price balls for their support).

Finally a big thanks to Gerry Gemmel and the Dalgety Bay Club for hosting such a great tournament (and night out – I must send them a text to say thanks!).

Our next tournament is at Hamilton on the 25th August and absolutely everyone is welcome to join in. If you’ve played for years or never before there will be an event for you, so we look forward to seeing you there.

PS – Keep an eye out on Facebook for “Racketball Around Scotland” –  it would be very helpful if you “Like” the page. Click here to visit the page

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