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Alternative Wednesday match report

So with no match tonight this is the alternative Wednesday match report!

It all started at Whitecraigs when I was coaching a young lad called Steven. He’s only about 9 but he’s pretty good and I got him running around like a good ‘un for an hour! He came off exhausted and happy. And his dad was very impressed with the improvement in his squash (I was equally impressed with the wad of 50s he paid me with). So a beer in the bar later and I was watching the Whitecraigs LT&SC 5 th team.

Dick McClure was moving with grace and elegance around the court (apart from the grace and elegance part) and was playing a guy from Bowfield who had one of the best returns of serve I’d seen in ages. Anything that was remotely volleyable was being dispatched. He struggled a bit at the back of the court though, but Dick couldn’t put him there often enough to get the advantage and lost 3-1.

Next up was another student of mine David B for Whitecraigs and he was on against Jonny Wright (Alan Wright’s son; Alan is ex-Kelburn and David Lloyd Renfrew and played Div. 1 squash). Jonny returned the serve just like his team mate and now I could see where it came from as Alan (Jonny’s dad) does exactly the same thing. I remember playing him at Kelburn (last millennium) and I served everything behind his back for the whole match (after he dispatched my first two serves, by standing so close to the side wall that he could volley anything, brilliantly!). He never changed his return position and so ended up playing some poor returns and gifting me the match!

David played well and kept his concentration all the way through the match, which was very pleasing to see. He was getting his serve dispatched a bit too often and I suggested the same tactic that worked for me all those years ago or to hit the wall earlier. He won the 1 st easily but the next two were both very close. However Jonny was making a few mistakes at crucial times and also giving away too many strokes by hitting it back to himself so David took full advantage and won the tie 3-0. Good result – MOTM so far!

I had to go at 1 match each, so didn’t find out how it finished. So next up was a pizza and some TV programme called Kidnap and Ransome. Hey! Isn’t that lead character Eddie Shoestring of off the 70s! Did you know that the TV show ‘Shoestring’ became ‘Bergerac’ (according to Wikipedia – which of course could mean anything!).

2) Then the Chelsea match what a come-back!

3) Whilst watching the DLWE 1st team reports come in. Very funny! Click here to see them

4) Then this:

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