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DLR v Newlands 2 – Away (Match Report) 18th January 2012

Newlands tonight and the bad news was that we were without Kev at No.1, but the good news was that it wasn’t Newlands 1st team!

So first on was our new No.5 Colin (Richards) v Gary Nicholson and what a start Colin made after initially going 1-4 down! A great come back saw Colin lengthen the rallies and play some great stuff to get to game ball.

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cont’d ………… But Gary wasn’t beaten and he took the game into a tie break at 10-10. However Colin was having none of it and he finished Gary off to win the next two points and take the game 12-10.

Gary obviously wasn’t happy with this and he didn’t take a break instead preferring to knock up with himself for 90 seconds. The 2nd was level pegging all the way to 5-5 with both players making some great shots and mistakes in equal measure, but Gary went on a game winning 7 point run to take the 2nd game 11-5. Once again he stayed on the court knocking up with himself and at 7-2 up in the 3rd this was looking like the difference! Colin made a valiant come back but was up against it and lost the game 11-7. Again no between-game rest for Gary and another great lead was taken at 5-0. Colin made a valiant come back to 6-8, but again it was just too much to ask as Gary won the 4th game 11-6 and the match 3-1. MOTM to Gary, for turning this tie around.

Dougie Kempsel was on next at No.1 against a much improved James Singh (judging by recent results!), but Dougie had been warned. Still it didn’t stop James playing some excellent stuff at the start of the first to get to 4-4. He volleyed well and played some great drops making Dougie dig deep. But dig he did and despite a good effort from James, Doug took the 1st game 11-8. James kept the pressure up in the 2nd and was in it at 5-6, but again Dougie kept the pace up and it was soon 11-6 and 2-0 up. Doug was looking fresh and fit and James was looking like he’s already put a shift in! Not sure what happened in the 3rd as I went on court, but Doug handed James a doughnut to complete another solid performance and win the match 3-0.

I was on against Stewart ‘the dog’ Brunton, and I was hoping to get a match that didn’t involve a lot of running! I’d treated myself to a new racket and what a difference it made to my game, the balance felt great and the Ashaway strings were cutting like Frankie Boyle’s tongue. Well Stewart wasn’t on form, but I played some precision stuff (even if I do say so myself!) to keep him under pressure and so was delighted with a 3-0 win. MOTM…. me – I was bloody great!!

Sean ‘trawler man’ Norris was on the next court (Sean has begun taking fishing to a whole new level) against Pete Cumine at No.3. I missed most of the 1st game as I was on court, but Sean won 11-9 and Pete was annoyed to have hit the tin twice just at 9-9. The 2nd game saw Sean take control of the match and keep himself in a dominant position throughout the game. Again Pete hit a couple into the tin at the sharp end of the game, but even so Sean deserved that one. The 3rd was a different matter though and it was nip-and-tuck all the way 4-5 & 8-7 to Sean, but Pete took it to a tie break and got the first game point 11-10. Pete was far from happy at a call he got at 12-12 and as he remonstrated with the marker probably lost a bit of focus (and breath). Sean went on to take the game 16-14 and the match 3-0.

Anyone seen Grumpy Old Men on the telly? Well John Singh was a prime candidate for a role on the show tonight. He was not happy about anything at all, anywhere, at any point. Mind you he was getting frustrated with hitting a few tins (I’m being nice here, it was actually a few floors!). He played Jason Lang at No.4 and Jason was doing his best to stay out of the way of his wrath. Jason was able to hit a better length than John and this was the main difference as he took the 1st game 11-8 and the 2nd 11-7. John had a real tantrum in the 3rd as he got more frustrated with his game and I was wondering if Super Nanny would have put him o the naughty step if she was there! Anyway Jason managed to let John implode and he took the last game 11-7 and the match 3-0 (John soon cheered up after the game as was on good form in the bar).

So a good 16-3 win without our No.1 and the best I can come up with for Quote Of The Night was from Gary when he said “A couple of drinks at lunch time really seemed to help my game!” (I paraphrase!)

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