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DLR v Western 1 Home (Match Report) 11th January 2012

Happy New Year! Well it’s good to be back after the holidays, but having eaten too much and put on about a stone I thought I was in for a thrashing against a tough Western side, but of course you always forget that it’s not just your team that hasn’t played much and has eaten all the mince pies! Anyway I was inspired to greatness by watching the Squash on TV this weekend (What a fantastic match; amazing shots and wonderful movement, which doesn’t resemble my game in any way!)

I was on first at No.3 against the legend who is Kevin Lawlor. Beating Kevin for the first time is still one of my best ever matches (back in the day!) and so a healthy amount of respect is due every time you play him.

The first was a tight one at 5-5 and any time Kevin had a volley he comfortably tucked me away, fortunately……… (contd below)

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I realised this quickly and managed to keep it away from him with some good straight hitting to the back and then following up on the volley/drop to win the first game 11-6. The second game went all my way and Kevin never really got into his stride (11-4). But then there was a change of fortunes and suddenly the old K.L. was back on the court. He put me away on the volley and if I was able to scrape anything back I was sent the wrong way at the front with some brilliant holds. To be honest I wasn’t sure where the ball was going for most of this game and was gubbed 2-11. So it was time to realise that if I didn’t chase much better, hit straighter and volley I was likely to get thrashed again

I got my between game instructions from Guru Ray and also got my feet moving much better. And on top of this got a good run of early points to go 8-2 up, which as it transpired was good enough to take me over the line 11-6 and take the match 3-1. Relief!

Next up was Sean (Norris) against Steve Luker at No.4 and I missed the first two games as I was on court, but Sean was up 11-8 11-6. Steve took the 3rd game 7-11 with some good retrieving and when Sean questioned why a shot wasn’t a stroke (which it quite obviously wasn’t) the only reply was, “Because that’s the rules Sean!” Normal service was resumed in the 4th as Sean got back to winning ways to take the match 11-7. (MOTM to Steve)

Jason Lang was on next against Paul Whitley at No.5 and was looking for his 2nd win for the team. He had a very shaky start and Paul raced to a 3 points to nil lead with Jason hitting quite wayward. However as soon as he got into his stride he started to get the ball much tighter and drop well to take the 1st game 11-5 and in the 2nd game Jason took full control and won 11-3. So Paul was going to have to find a different way if he was to get anything out of the game, and what a difference! Suddenly Paul turned into the lob/drop specialist. He was floating the ball about like a balloon and the lack of pace completely confused Jason, who gave away about three strokes in a row and was now scrapping for his life. Paul got a 9-5 lead; Jason pegged him back to 9-9; then it was neck-and-neck all the way to 13-13 with Paul getting 2 game balls and Jason getting his own match ball. Fortunately Jason managed to stumble across the finishing line 15-13 and looked mighty relieved to do so (Paul left the court muttering that the ball had hit Jason on the way to the front wall and he seemed a bit aggrieved, but I certainly saw no change in the flight, Jason felt nothing and Paul’s team mate didn’t see anything either, but Paul felt it was the turning point none-the-less!). MOTM to Jase for a good win.

Kev (Moran) took to the court at No.1 next against Peter Halliday, with Peter saying that he wasn’t looking forward to it.

“Don’t worry,” I said “just run round at top speed for an hour and hit lots of nics!”

“Five minutes if I’m lucky!” was the reply.

I didn’t see much of this match as I was marking, but Peter seemed to be in the rallies especially in the 1st and 3rd games and had a lot to hit (and chase!), but Kev’s speed around the court stopped him getting many points. Kev won comfortably 11-6 11-3 11-5.

Last on was the brand new (as of Monday!) 2012 Scottish Junior Open Under 19 Runner-up Dougie (Kempsell) against Jamie Henderson, who also played the tournament and finished in 10th place – click here for the full results.

Dougie was out of the blocks like a whippet with his new Harrow Power Spark racket and raced to an 11-2 win in the 1st game. The 2nd saw Jamie get right back into it with some powerful hitting to go 6-4 up, but Dougie was soon flying again and took the 2nd 11-6. The pace was very high and both under 19s were flying about the court; it reminded me of when I was under 19…..last millennium…..with a single yellow dot………….. and a wooden racket!!

Anyway back to the future and the 3rd game saw Dougie take a 7-2 lead before Jamie had even woken up and it seemed that there was no coming back from that. Jamie did come back however to 7 (to Dougie’s 10 points), but it wasn’t enough and Dougie finished it off to win 11-7

So a good 18-2 win and we retired to the bar to listen to Sean’s New Year jokes, which resembled the Old Years ones………………… and the year before that!

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