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DLR v Whitecraigs Rugby club (Match report) 16th November 2011

Away to Whitecraigs Rugby Club this week, but a home tie for me!

An early start saw Brian (Cadenhead) once again step up to the 1st team to replace Michael Currie. But Brian had a real tough one against up and coming junior James Wilson – James played really well and ………

(Continued) ……. caught Brian on more than one occasion in the 1st game with excellent forehands to a great length. He got to an unassailable 9-5 lead in this game and wasn’t assailed to win 11-5 (even though both players and the marker weren’t sure if it was to 11 or 15!). In the 2nd game James volleyed well and didn’t make many mistakes and soon the second game saw the same unassailable 9-5 lead and Brian’s ship had once again sailed. The 3rd saw Brian fight back well at the start of the game, but everything was coming back and with his dander up James was home and dry to win 3-0.

Next up was Sean (Norris) against Colin Hutton at No.4. These two players had a couple of close 3-2ers in their previous encounters and so I was wondering if the Sean’s improvement over the past year would translate into a better win. He started well enough and although the rallies were hard Sean looked like he was just ahead and this translated into an 11-8 win. In the 2nd Colin took the lead and looked like he was poised to even things up. And poised he was until at 8-5 up he made a load of unforced errors to hand the game to Sean 11-8 again. The 3rd was even tighter and went to a tie break; now I’m sure you’ve all heard the expression “Play to the whistle” well Sean hasn’t! At game ball he stopped playing and said he thought I’d called “Stop!” (he probably thought this because of his dodgy pick up and potential ‘double-hit’ boast! Both of which I wasn’t 100% sure about). However I hadn’t said anything so Colin won the game 12-10….. justice! The 4th saw Sean tighten up considerably and he was always in control to win the match 3-1.

I went on next against my old sparring partner & mate Matt Anderson (who also put a quality roof on my house last year!). Now I was under a bit of extra pressure to perform this week as DL West End were playing on the next court and the sister-in-law and misses were also there, so I didn’t want to look like a chump! I went on with 100% focus and this paid off very nicely as I won the 1st game (after one decision a member of the gallery was heard to say “That’s Jason marking the match now.” in this……spies everywhere!). The second followed a similar pattern as the 1st and soon I was 2-0 up. Matt fought right back in the 3rd and I couldn’t shake him. I had a couple of chances to really turn the screws, but Matt retrieved well and I chopped a drop into the tin. However when matt had game ball he made an uncharacteristic error and I got a life line. I managed not to be a chump again and just sneaked over the line to win 3-0

Dougie (Kempsell) went on next at No.2 against Nairn McMaster. Nairn looks like a great player who doesn’t play enough! Unfortunately for him Dougie is a great player who play’s far too much for my liking (and Nairns). The result was never really in doubt as Dougie was just too strong and too quick; a punch of the glass showed Nairn’s frustration as he seemed disappointed with the way he played, but I don’t think he should lose too much sleep over this one.

Last on was Kev (Moran) v Dougie Emery at No.1 and (as per the last game) this was always going to be a thankless task for Dougie. Having said that Kev like to play his shots and Dougie likes to get everything back, so I wasn’t surprised to see Dougie digging like a mole on acid and Kev trying his full range of shots. Good fun to watch and I thought Dougie played very well, but 3-0 to Kev none-the-less.

So a good victory for the team and good scran at the bar with WC Rugby lads (a great bunch of lads) and a nice pint!

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