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DL Renfrew v Giffnock (Match report) 26th Oct 2011

My prediction before the match was that we’d get max 3 points against Giffnock this week – so I should really be happy with our 5 point haul. I’m not! However there were two wonderful performances by the team.

First wonderful performance was  Jason (Lang) and at 15 he’s the youth policy of the club. He was playing his first……. (cont’d below)

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………….ever Division 1 match against Mikey Rodgerson at No.5 and what a tough debut. Mikey’s experience meant he took control of the first two games, leading 5-1 in both and then going on to win both 11-5, but what a turnaround in the 3rd game. Jason took the significant 5-1 lead this time and powered on from there, romping home 2-11. It’s dangerous to give someone of Jason’s ability confidence and so Mikey was now in a real battle. A tough start to the 4th saw the scores tied at 5-5,  the game ebbed and flowed all the way to a tie break at 10-10. Jason was now playing a better length and he forced a game ball at 10-11; then all you need is a bit of luck and with ‘stroke’ on game point (by Stu G – their marker) it was 2-2. The 5th game was a complete u-turn in Mikey’s concentration levels; he dominated the early exchanges and although Jason fought hard and played well Mikey won the game 11-5 and the match 3-2. A fabulous match and I couldn’t see how Jason wouldn’t get MOTM for those two team points……but……………

I was on next at No.2 against Iain Tennant and it would be fair to say I gave 100% in my match – 20% in the 1st game – 50% in the 2nd and 30% in the 3rd! Not that it would have made a button of difference either way as Iain was far too good and thrashed me 3-0 (he forces you back with a great length and then has a wonderful touch to the front which left me floundering time after time). Iain did however have a great sweat………….  after his trip to the sauna straight after the game! I got a bit of a dressing down from a crowd member for not digging hard enough and he had a point, but sometimes you have to fight the battles you have a chance in!

Michael (Currie) was on at the same time as me so I didn’t see his match, but his opponent Stuart George (Giffnock Club Champ 2011) appears to have been well in control of this encounter as he won 3-0. Real tough one for Michael this week and Giffnock will easily be in the top 3 come the end of the season with depth like Stuart at No.4

Sean went on next at No.3 against Owen (Hadden) and this looked like another pumpin’ was on the cards, but full credit to Sean he was giving it everything in the 1st game and was 7-6 up with some great retrieving and good short shots. Unfortunately (for us) Owen then went on a 5 point run to take the momentum back and win the game 11-7. In-between games Sean said “I’ve got him really trying.”  To which the reply came back “Aye – trying not to laugh.” After this Owen got into his stride and was sending the ball all over the place, with his trademark tennis volleys and very quick speed of thought to comfortably win the next two games.
Owen would be a handful at No.1 or 2 and Sean was playing up a place tonight so the result was no surprise.

And so to the match of the night at No.1 as Dougie (Kempsell) took on Giffnock’s Chris Fergusson. I managed to side step the marking duties in this one (thank god!) as I persuaded Iain Tennent to take the clipboard. The opening exchanges were cautious and both players were settling in, but Chris was picking up the points at this stage. He was up 4-1 and 8-4, but at this point in the match we saw a dramatic turn-around. Dougie started playing a much better and harder length and he mixed this up with some great drop shots from the back left. This took him on an 11 point run which not only got him the 1st game 11-8, but also up 4-0 in the 2nd. This, however inspired Chris to a comeback of his own and at 8-8 it was anyone’s game. Chris used his experience at this point and kept control (and Dougie helped with a serve-return into the tin) and suddenly the match was 1-1.

The 3rd was definitely a game of two halves – Chris dominated the first part of the game as he opened up with lots of attacking shots (6-2) and in the second half Dougie got his game back on track by retrieving and dropping well (there were quite a few interference ‘lets’ inthe 2nd and 3rd games especially, but as soon as Dougie stopped asking for ‘lets’ and played on he got much more return for his efforts). Dougie got the game back to 10-10 and with a final massive effort he crossed the finish line. It should have been easier from now as Chris looked really tired, but Dougie had never beaten Chris so this could have proved a big psychological distraction, but not a bit of it as he re-doubled his efforts and physically dominated the game to win 11-5 and take the match 3-1. I think this marks a significant milestone in Dougie’s game and I was delighted to witness it (MOTM to both Dougie and Jason L for me).

So the Giffnock lads took the honours 16-5 and so to the bar to listen to all of Sean’s old gags!

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