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West Knockout Cup 2011 – Match Report

Tough match last night v Newlands in the Knockout Cup, especially when they brought in the Glasgow University No.1 to bolster their ranks.

I arrived slightly late to see Sean (Norris) against Newland’s Malky Watt. Sean was moving really well and was challenging Malky all the way. All the way to 14-14 in fact, but Malky just managed to hold him off to take the 1st game. The 2nd was easier for Malky, but Sean dug in again in the 3rd to make a real fight of it, however it was just a step too far to get the game. Good haul of points from Sean though!

David Craig was on at the same time v No.4 Amanda Nicoll. David was well in control of the first getting everything back, like a demented ball boy. Amanda made things very tricky for him in the 2nd game, but David soon got back into his stride to wrap up the 3rd and take the tie 3-0.

I was on next against Liam Dickson:

Me: “Hi Liam, surprised to see you here, are you playing tonight?”

Liam “Yup – No.1.”

Me: “Oh OK that’s me and you then. I didn’t know you played for Newlands?

Liam: “I don’t, I play No.1 for Glasgow Uni.”

Me: “Thought so. So you’re switching clubs this year then?”

Liam “No.”

Me: “Oh OK. Well I didn’t even know you were a Newland’s member!”

Liam: “I’m not.”

Me: “Oh OK.”

I lost 3-0 (Liam was too young, too quick and most annoyingly…………..too good)

Last up was Doug Macmillan against Newland’s Paul Sweeney at No.3. This was a great game and looked tough all the way. Paul narrowly got the 1st and Doug dug in to grab the 2nd. Both players looked tired in the 3rd but Paul just managed to keep a better length and this experience pulled him through in a very tight last game. MOTM to both plyers.

Pizza and Erdinger for dinner……..lovely! Chat was a bit dire though all about weight and fitness, so Liam and I discussed the new Greggs Macaroni pie. It’s the future apparently!

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  1. Reuters
    September 13, 2011 at 3:45 pm

    In shock late turn-around Newlands LTC announce signing up not only Dickson but also Blair ‘The Hammer’ Paton and David Lyons for the forthcoming season. There is also heavy media speculation for a ‘pay-as-you-play’ contract for Raibert Adam (now of Zibo City, China). These new signing from the much vaunted Glasgow University Squash Team are expected to aid NLTC in their push for glory on all fronts this season. The transfer is expected to represent a significant wage rise for the players concerned, in particular Adam described this new opportunity as ‘Bang Tidy’.

  2. Graeme Marshall
    September 26, 2011 at 1:36 pm

    Newlands would not bring in (paid) players just to bolster faltering team numbers. Surely! They may even benefit from returning players.

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