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Harrow’s Alan Clyne at the British Nationals

Below is a report from the Squash Site of Alan Clyne’s epic performance against the World ranked No#12 Alistair Walker in the last 16 of the British Nationals in Manchester. Congratulations Alan – great match and also very unlucky at the end.

Alister Walker  did more than drop a single game against speedy Scot Alan Clyne, the fifth seed was taken to the wire, finally winning in five in 84 minutes, the longest match of the tournament so far.
Clyne took the first on extra points but Walker struck back to take the lead and all looked well. But Clyne is fast, fit and never stops, as many of his opponents will testify, and he took it to a decider.
Walker quickly established control, leading 3/1 then 6/2 then 8/2 with two glued dropshots. All over you thought, but back came Clyne, aided by Walker hitting the ball back to himself three times and now it was 8/7.

“Why did I play that one” said the look on Alan’s face as he put a ball into the tin that he could have asked for a let on. He pulled one back to make it 9/8, then Alister put a drop just too tight to do anything other than tin it, match ball.
A couple of minutes elapsed while Alister tended to a finger that had been clipped by his opponent’s racket, then they came back on to play two humungous rallies. The first one ended in a let, the second with a crosscourt flick by Alan to make it 9/10.

The crowd were ready for more, but Alister slammed his service return close enough to the nick to make it unreturnable and he was through, by the skin of his teeth.

“It’s hard to play good squash on those courts, plus he’s very fit and gets a lot back,” said a relieved winner.

“He played to the conditions perfectly, got his tactics right and was probably unlucky in the end. Just the sort of match you want when you’ve probably got Nick Matthew next …”

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